Meet the Noob Boss

The best thing about creating a new story is meeting the new characters. We’re all circling the room, weaving through the weirdos. I don’t know them yet, but that’s okay. They don’t know themselves, either. It can be a little odd at first as they change character traits, backstories or even the number of their […]

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Tangible Fiction

For those who prefer a physical manifestation of a fictional concept, Deeply Disturbed Donuts is now available in print. Why? Well, a paperback copy has some unique advantages. Whacking spiders is the obvious biggie, but there are more. The printed version never runs low on power. Propping up a short chair leg works much better […]

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Bubba 2.0

A couple of years ago, I did something that no one who knows me would expect. Certainly, no one thought that I would keep doing it. I started eating plants. On purpose. I know. I’m a Bubba. For many decades, I ingested a diet primarily consisting of cheese, pizza, cheeseburgers, mac ‘n’ cheese, pork ‘n’ […]

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Secret Lair

Drink your coffee, take a good look at the outside world, and head for your bunker. An unnamed group of mad scientists, experts, and other imaginary people have determined that attempting to read this book while sipping a hot beverage may result in unwanted spillage. A well-stocked secret lair is, in my opinion, the best […]

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Virtually Disturbed

Right now, there’s a sense of anticipation tinged with foreboding. You can pretend you don’t know it’s coming, but the hairs on the back of your neck know better. Deeply Disturbed Donuts, a new eBook from Ubiquitous Bubba, is available for pre-order from your usual sites. I should warn you. The donuts described in this […]

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Beware of Pastries

That’s how these things get started. At first, there’s a sense of delight. “Oh, somebody brought donuts!” Somewhere along the line, questions arise. “Why is that one covered in purple fur? Why is this one pulsing and oozing green slime? Why did that one make Linda grow antlers?” This is just the beginning. Soon, it’s […]

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Now that you’re all hunkered down and hibernatin’ in your bunker, y’all might need somethin’ to pass the time. Well, pull up a stool, take a swig of tea and relax. Bubba’s got you covered. There’s a new ebook in town. Stolen Thunder is a short story about a man of the prairie whose truck […]

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Meandering & Musing

Sometimes, I’d like to know why an author wrote something the way they wrote it. I wonder, “What was going on in your life or in your head that prompted you to tell the story That way?” As I’ve read some of my own stories, I remember my reasons and it occurred to me that […]

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