Beware of Pastries

That’s how these things get started. At first, there’s a sense of delight. “Oh, somebody brought donuts!” Somewhere along the line, questions arise. “Why is that one covered in purple fur? Why is this one pulsing and oozing green slime? Why did that one make Linda grow antlers?” This is just the beginning. Soon, it’s […]

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Now that you’re all hunkered down and hibernatin’ in your bunker, y’all might need somethin’ to pass the time. Well, pull up a stool, take a swig of tea and relax. Bubba’s got you covered. There’s a new ebook in town. Stolen Thunder is a short story about a man of the prairie whose truck […]

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Meandering & Musing

Sometimes, I’d like to know why an author wrote something the way they wrote it. I wonder, “What was going on in your life or in your head that prompted you to tell the story That way?” As I’ve read some of my own stories, I remember my reasons and it occurred to me that […]

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Cheese with Imagination

I recently shared grilled cheese sandwiches with Imagination. At his insistence, we had to eat while sitting on a hovering porpoise named Gomer. The waitress was not amused. “Should I be concerned that you’ve been spending more time with Reality lately?” Imagination handed me another half-sandwich. “Your subconscious says that you haven’t been yourself.” “I’ve […]

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Coffee with Reality

I had coffee with Reality the other day. In the past, we haven’t always been comfortable with each other. Oh, we would nod in passing to acknowledge the other’s existence, but it always felt awkward. Anyway, that morning I saw Reality hunched over a mug and sitting alone in a corner. I gave my usual, […]

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Shaved Bunny Surprise

Well, it surprised the bunnies. I should back up a bit. There’s weather outside. There’s all types of weather, but in July, in the Northern Hemisphere, people are driven by a highly illogical and ultimately self-destructive instinct to go out in it. Convinced that this will be fun, they bake themselves to a crispy texture […]

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Anti-Survival Traits

Doomed. There’s just no getting around it. Some fictional characters just have it coming. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that I don’t like them. In fact, some of the ones who shout, “Hey, guys, watch this…” are some of my favorites. Sure, there are characters who shuffle off their respective mortal coils in […]

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