Character Bio: Xorian

Xorian’s path has been a dangerous and twisted one.  A freelance mercenary, he has endured space pirates, paranoid revolutionaries, hostile bats, psionic attacks, prison, gun fights, space battles, and Krazhdji poetry.  Over the years, he has traded with xenophobic 2 meter tall laser-eyed bats, retiring pirates, and a gaseous entity that communicates via scent.  He’s partnered with a Krazhdj, (known only as “the Krazhdj”…it’s an alien thing). Even though these two verbally spar constantly (when Xorian is listening), they are fiercely loyal to one another.

Some of his history is hidden so far.  Xorian appears to have had a negative experience in his past with psionics (telepaths in particular) that he’s not willing to discuss.  The story of how he came to team up with a Krazhdj has not yet been told.  While his origins may not be known, his friends know they can always count on him.

Psychann will need friends like Xorian in her quest to save the multiverse.  It’s a good thing he’s there (until he isn’t…).


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