Character Bio: Psychann

She’s your ordinary teenage psionic who just may be the key to saving the Multiverse.  She’s being hunted by a number of creatures from different universes.  She’s gathering a bizarre assortment of friends/allies/acquaintances.  She’s also gifted with a unique ability to see into other universes and then Trade objects of equal mass between them.

So, she’s not that ordinary.  In fact, she’s unique in ways she doesn’t yet realize.  The Watchers know this and they’re very interested in seeing her in action.  The Director knows it as well and he can’t wait to use her as a tool to find and hack into the Prime Universe.  He’ll have to take a number, because there’s an ever increasing number of very dangerous characters who are developing an unhealthy interest in her.  She also doesn’t do well with robots.

It’s not her fault, really.  She’s an excellent communicator with characters including hostile 2 meter tall long haired bats, gaseous clouds who speak via scent, a Krazhdj, talking horses with serious attitude problems, humanoid chameleons who communicate in pictures, and the occasional paranoid revolutionary.  Robots don’t have a mind to read, though.  That makes them particularly irritating.

It’s a very good thing she’s got such a great group of friends to help her in her quest.  If only she could keep them all in the same universe…

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