Character Bio: Thelonius

At first glance, he may appear cowardly.  That might have something to do with his tendency to hide behind others and scream, “Protect me!” whenever encountering the unknown.  Young wizards don’t grow up to be old wizards without taking a few precautions, you understand.  Thelonius is motivated to continue his own aging process, preferably with all of his original limbs.  The problem is that at some point, he acquired a Gem of Trans-Universal Traveler Location Finding.  (These magical items can be ridiculously specific.)  This artifact is leading him on a blind trek through the multiverse, leaping from one dangerous universe to the next.

 He assembled a party of adventurers to protect him on his quest.  There’s Slug, a fierce dwarf warrior with an overdeveloped sense of sarcasm.  Weasel is a Ninja who has an unfortunate habit of announcing his next moves.  There’s Skippy the Ranger, who insists that his oufit (including the shorts) is authentic because his vest says, “Ranger”.  (It actually says, “Park Ranger”, but that’s another story.)  Boil is an Ogre Barbarian (for those times where a regular barbarian just won’t do).  Finally, Percival the Paladin forced his way into the group.  They’re a dysfunctional bunch to be sure.  It’s quite difficult to find well adjusted, mature, emotionally stable individuals to join a dungeon raiding, multiverse travelling, and monster hacking party.  Go figure.

 When you think about it, setting out to leap into another universe with this crew is either brave or stupendously idiotic.  At times, it’s hard to tell the two apart.  Thelonius will need every bit of whatever bravery he can dredge up when he encounters AAAAGGHHHH.  (Yes, that’s her name.)

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