Time Travel

Time Travel is complicated.  Some say going into the future takes you into one of many possible universes rather than forward along one specific timeline.  Others speculate that travel may be possible, but your actions may be predetermined or unalterable.  There are some who think going into the future will render your previous present as fixed since it is now in your future’s past.  There are many others who think that verb tenses get very confusing.

Some think that if Time Travel were possible, our future selves would have already told us about it.  A few think they might have tried, but we couldn’t hear them.  Some think that they just came back  for our bacon, which raises serious concerns about future bacon supplies.

If a timeline is altered by someone from a different time, how would we know?  Would the travelers remember the “original” timeline, or would it be replaced by a new history?  In that case, how would they know they had ever changed time at all?

What if everyone else was able to manipulate time and you just couldn’t remember the old timelines?  Look closely at the next person you see.  Are they acting as if they are innocent?  Will they deny it if you confront them?  What other secrets are they hiding?  If you say too much about it, will they go back and alter your timeline again?  Perhaps, they already have…



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