Character Bio: Detestica

Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  Taking your band on tour is hard work.  Finding the next gig can be a challenge when your universe vanishes.  That’s just another day on the road for Detestica.

Detestica is a hard rock band.  Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of them before.  They may not be from this universe.  In spite of that fact, they’re recognized more often than you might think.  Leon is the band’s vocalist.  He always delivers a killer performance, with or without an audience.  Scurvy is the surprisingly laid back guitarist.  On stage, he’s a shredding maniac.  Offstage, he’s always looking for a good nap.  The bassist, Vic, has never had any directional sense whatsoever.  He gets lost at every opportunity, even on stage.  Bud is the long suffering drummer who takes on the job of corralling these personalities to get to the next gig.

When they’re on stage, they’re a sight to behold.  Their shows are big, loud, and explosive.  Anytime they play Banshee’s Lullaby, it could be their last (in this universe).  If they play it just right, they might vanish suddenly during the bridge.  That sort of thing can really ruin a good gig.  The only thing harder than touring with Detestica may be finding them again.


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