Next Book News: Progress Report

Chapter Five has been finished.  It’s very exciting!  I wish I could tell you what’s going on, but I don’t want to spoil the surprises.  Let me just say that if Psychann and her friends don’t resolve some of these issues, you may have already read the book before I finish it.  If so, don’t tell me how it ends.

In addition, there’s another problem with having a large unruly crowd of displaced trans-universal travelers jump into more and more universes.  Sooner or later, they may meet themselves.  Things may get ugly.

Speaking of ugly, there’s a problem with some Hair.  It’s got a mind of its own.  Literally.

There are arguments with deranged computers, abductions in space, new enemies, Them, telepathic puppy spies, and problems with Time.  Worst of all, however, is a new threat to the multiverse.  There’s a new evil genius who may destroy the whole thing in an attempt to seize power.

Psychann will need all the help she can get.  I can’t wait for Chapter Six…

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