Writing Time

So, I’m writing about a personification of Time.  How would you characterize Time as a person?  Does Time have a sense of humor?  Do verb tenses confuse Time?  Does Time ever experience deja vu?  Does Time have a favorite snack?

I know other authors have tackled writing about Time as a character.  My take is a little different.  Mine is a woman who is referred to by her minions as, the Mistress.  She’s frequently covered with tiny spiders and thin wisps of silver webs.  She wears long, flowing grey robes with billowing sleeves and a flowing train.  The Mistress glides on a carpet of fog from one universe to another.  She carries an hourglass filled with miniature skulls instead of grains of sand.  It frequently irritates her and she would much rather have a nice watch.  She likes to wear a jester’s hat, with little bells hanging from multicolored tails.  She always has a wedge of cheese in one of her many pockets.  Cheese amuses her.  She likes to watch it age.

In my book, there’s a problem with Time.   It’s a contagious condition that is spreading across multiple universes.  When dimensions fall and Time collapses, how would the inhabitants of that universe know?  If Time gets caught in a loop, how will the universe react?  If Time has an enemy, who can she call on for help? 

These are some of the questions I ponder as I write Blithering Genius.  I had hoped to finish this book earlier this year.  It just needed more Time.

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